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What is E-commerce MARKETING

Ecommerce marketing is any marketing effort you do to promote your online store and generate sales. It applies both to getting new customers (customer acquisition) and making old one’s shop again (customer retention). We at Highstreet media specializes in E-commerce marketing. With low CPA, CPC and Highest CTR, ROAS, we create effective campaigns for our clients.

Why is E-commerce marketing Important?

Long gone are the days when sellers had to market their products by going door to door to distribute pamphlets, and advertisement leaflets. Digital marketing has refashioned the entire concept of marketing products as well as services. Today, with the help of digital marketing, everything can be promoted online. Almost every business has its business accounts on all prominent social media platforms. These platforms help businesses market their products, boost customer engagement, and build a loyal long-term customer base. The buying and selling of goods and services had never been this easy before the advent of digital marketing in ecommerce. Ecommerce business is completely based on online services. Therefore, the importance of digital marketing for ecommerce can never be ignored.

The digital world is growing leaps and bounds with millions of internet users from around the globe. Digital Marketing is the perfect way to reach out to these millions of users at once. Earlier ecommerce businesses had to send separate marketing messages and emails to individual potential customers. Not only did that cost a hefty charge, but also wasted a lot of time. On the contrary, businesses can today send out emails and promotions to millions of customers at once within a few clicks.

How our E-commerce marketing helps your business?

Driving relevant traffic to your website

Placing your website in front of the targeted audience through SMM, SEM etc.

Converting website visitors to customers

Enhance post-purchase experience

Increase Average order value

Higher ROAS and Lower CPA

How We influence Buying decision of Customers?

If you use the right digital marketing strategy on the targeted audience, the potential customers will attract to your ecommerce store. Based on the strategy used for digital marketing, customers may get influenced to take their buying decisions accordingly. If done right, it can prompt them to add the marketed products directly to the cart or even complete the abandoned purchase. In order to compete against the heavily populated ecommerce world, businesses need to employ different forms of digital marketing to attract as well as retain their customers. Digital marketing is an easy way to interact with customers – it saves time, effort, as well as money. Moreover, it can breed sales in a short span.

The digital marketing strategy we employ is what attracts the customers to your products and hence to become your loyal customers. As an ecommerce seller, we need to make sure that in this highly competitive ecommerce market, we need to pursue your potential customers using the right digital marketing strategies. If not, there are thousands of your competitors, who will! If you are successful in doing this, you can rest assured that your customers are engaged with your store and are staying there for a pretty long time! Well, you can also reward them for their loyalty through discounts, coupons, giveaways, special customer services, and so on.

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